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Artist Teresa Bosko
Teresa Bosko artist


"Draw with the Saw"

Artist Teresa Bosko uses a jigsaw to transform humble plywood into wildly beautiful oversized multi-layered wall sculptures and panel paintings.  Not easily categorized, she describes her work:


"It's un-apologetically   decorative fine art.


A visual thirst-quencher that keeps you coming back for more...

I make art that I love to look at.  Inspiration comes from everywhere, and the only restriction I put on myself is a beautiful outcome.

I also make art that I love to make.  Most of my materials are quite ordinary, as I relish the challenge of taking a sheet of plywood, some house paint, masking tape, a can of Krylon, and turning them into a gorgeous, badass work of art.  I'm all about that ugly-duckling-turned-swan-unlimited-potential-thing."

"When you view my art, I want you to experience the same heart-rush of joy I do while making it."

Teresa resides and works in her hometown, Ravenna, Ohio.  She holds a BA in Art Education from Kent State University, and is the former owner of two retail studios, Studio Lulu and Petuniabegonia. January 2020 finds her in the studio getting things in order for a new creative direction... 

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