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Viva El Gato!

As the defining centerpiece art, I wanted  this to be  one big, beautiful mash-up of the multi-faceted El Gato theme:  A Luchador Hero's Mexican Fiesta, complete with Dancing Senorita,  the Guitar-Smashing Godzilla, and  a Rocket-Riding Space Surfer, all celebrating together in an energetic burst of riotous color and form.  It had to vibrate with a controlled mayhem, cheer the heart, and exude good-will and hospitality.  It also had to be accessible to the general public; graphically crisp, powerfully engaging, well-crafted, and fun.


It was important for me to set the bar high on this first large composition , as I knew it would force me to try to "out-do myself" on subsequent pieces.  Getting a

"Wow!-response" was also extremely motivating, and added to the excitement about the upcoming opening. 

I would be lying if I said it all came together smoothly... Quite the opposite, it was artistic boot-camp!   For me, the first work in any series is usually  a proto-type.  I make and remake, working-out all the kinks, determining what elements will be common to the entire body of work.  I look & think.  Then look again.  Shuffle stuff around, re-work, cut, start-over, look & think... again and again.  Letting the piece reveal itself is the key.  Anytime I try to force it, it always falls short.  This intuitive process sometimes causes yuge anxiety, especially when there's a deadline looming and it just won't work!  It's really an exercise in faith & trust, and very humbling to realize that I'm just a channel...   Eventually, things go from bad, to ugly, to worse, and then... YES!  That's always a great big giddy,  moment.

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