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Kent, Ohio

In the Spring of 2003 I was commissioned to design and install a timeline of sorts depicting the many former inhabitants and lives of the historical building (See: GeoHistorianProject-SilkMill).  Originally the owners envisioned  a 10' x 10' area on the available wall, but it soon grew into a much more ambitious project.

Having never worked with the Dryvit System, (a type of exterior wall system), I basically approached this project in the same manner as I do most of my work: Draw with the Saw!  All the forms were cut from 2 x 4' sheets of outsulation ,(Styrofoam-like insulation material), then pieced together to create the larger composition.  Not being aware of the actual installation procedure, which involves wrapping the entire surface with mesh and acrylic stucco, I was met with horrified expressions and loud objections when I first showed the guys on the crew my sketches: too many curving, organic shapes!  Once they educated me about the process, we were able to compromise on the number of curves... it proved to be a challenge well-worth the effort for all of us.

Working 18+ hour days, (I basically lived on-site), I was able to finish the project in 2 weeks.  It was one of the most exhilarating and satisfying experiences of my life. 


I welcome any and all opportunities to do more.



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