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El Gato Guitar-O

Part of the challenge in creating all of the art for El Gato was the ability to work within the mucho-macho theme of Luchadores, Sci-Fi, and  Surf, as well as the interior color palette consisting of deep browns, orange, red and black, without creating a man-cave.  The answer, of course, was to balance the masculine vibe by injecting the space with a heavy amount of "pretty."   There was no lack of  inspiration to draw upon, with Mexico's abundant natural beauty and vibrant artistic heritage

This piece is unabashedly decorative in nature, made simply for the beauty it provides.  A little research led me to the fact that Paracho de Verduzco, a small city in Mexico, is famous for being home to the best-sounding handmade guitars in the country.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the guitar used in El Gato Guitar-O looks amazingly similar to the guitar monument located in the center of the musical city.  Muy Bueno!

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