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Tacocat Siesta-Fiesta

Tacos and cats.  Cats and tacos.  A rich, never-ending source for jokes and visuals...  No sense in fighting it!  And what fun I had creating the art that would hang in the red, chandeliered dining area of El Gato Taqueria!

Living with cats of my own, (Hello everybody!), as well as many, many cacti, I just had to combine the two in some outrageous work that would not only reflect the El Gato theme, but also capture the sassiness and self-satisfying personas of  our feline friends.  Always making-up  stories in my head, this was a chance for me to bring one to life...

I save everything and anything from earlier works that has landed in the scrap  pile, because experience has taught me it belongs in another  composition.  This proved to be true with this work, and it's always a fun surprise to see the magic happen.  It was liberating to push the humor-button on this, because I tend to sometimes get too bogged-down thinking about making serious art... (WARNING:Post-modernist  art school thought hang-over...  YAWN).

More than any of the other pieces made for the restaurant, this one got me back to my little-kid-playing-with-my-crayons self, and it convinced me that I definitely need to hang-out here a lot more in the future...



Pure freedom, baby.

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