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Speak No Evil

Steeped in Mexican symbolism and tradition, Speak No Evil is the most somber of the art made for El Gato, and quite possibly my favorite composition in the group.  For this piece, I wanted to focus solely on Mexican Culture, without the addition of Sci-Fi and Surf.  Based on the proverb of The Three Monkeys, I also wanted to impart a message, a reminder... perhaps even a mild scolding, not only to others, but to myself as well.


 As stated elsewhere, due to its over-saturation in the marketplace, Day of the Dead imagery was something  I didn't want to use in the restaurant, but felt it was too integral a part of Mexican Life to completely ignore.  So the challenge became how to honor the Dias de los Muertos celebration without adding another sugar-skull to the mix. I also wanted to create a work that would, upon first entering the restaurant, immediately resonate with the viewer, at once familiar, yet different, in its appeal.  It is interesting to me how the Luchador faces "read" as skulls, without being skulls.  I think the overall composition feels like an altar...  Definitely a Spirit-Filled outcome. 


Thank You, Sweet Jesus.


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