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North Water Street Gallery, Kent, Ohio

"This work was named 11  months before I ever had an idea of what I would do, simply because the gallery needed a title for its calendar.  I must admit I had a few 'What am I thinking... the LOVE SHOW... am I nuts?' moments.

It was after naming the show that I began to experience one of the worst creative blocks I've had in a long time, and I spent the next few months trying to convince myself that I would wake up with an idea tomorrow...

While flipping through a local magazine, I came across a small ad for Helping Hands, a one-woman non-profit which helps anyone in need, and suddenly, thankfully, I knew what to do."

The Love Show was conceived and realized in 3 weeks.  Using 1100+ wire coat hangers, un-countable yards of tulle and monofilament thread,  2 giant rolls of black duct tape, 100 yards of trim, and a whole lotta coffee and chocolate-covered-cherries, the gallery was transformed into a fantasy garden of 100 10-petalled flowers, complete with a pond and fountain.

100% of sales went to Helping Hands of Summit County, Ohio

The Love Show by Teresa Bosko

A flower made from tulle and wire coat hangers. Each petal was individually wrapped in tulle, which was then sewn into place. Multiple petals were wired together to form the flower. A stem was created from heavy cotton trim and duct tape. Copyright 2006 Teresa Bosko. All Rights Reserved. Mixed-media installation. Benefit for Helping Hands of Summit County, Ohio: February 4-25, 2006, North Water Street Gallery, Kent, Ohio.