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SHOWN ABOVE:  "Split Leaf"  Copyright 2019 Teresa Bosko.
All Rights Reserved.
This Big Plant Wall Sculpture hangs above my vintage green sofa in my studio.  I think it looks so beautiful against the brick wall. (This pic was taken during installation... still in process).  It was originally shown at a Home & Garden Show where it was displayed on an 8 x 8 ft wall, much lower to the floor.  It looks much better here, where it has room to grow!


Why a Big Plant Wall Sculpture?

Houseplants are the hottest thing going these days, but unfortunately, not every space is plant-friendly:

  • Little or no natural light.

  • Poor humidity due to HVAC.

  • Area too small.

  • Hygiene and safety issues.

Then there's the human/animal factor...

  • We are so busy!  Who has time to tend to an indoor jungle?

  • We KILL them!  Over-watering, under-watering, too much this and that.

  • Allergies, an aversion to dirt, pests, etc.

  • Curious children and/or pets may indulge in a poisonous frond.

Yet indoor plants do add that "certain something" to a space, making it inviting and special in a way that only the big leaves of a Monstera or the sci-fi form of a succulent can.  So, when I had a problem with a low-light corner of my living room that was just begging for something botanically green, I designed and made a BIG PLANT WALL SCULPTURE specifically for the space.  I love the results so much that I just know others will too...


  • Address awkward corners and such where nothing else seems to work.

  • Are always one-of-a-kind.  Made exclusively and specifically for any space, walls, or ceiling.

  • Are stress-free: child, pet and plant-killer friendly.

  • Save space.

  • Require no watering, feeding, pruning, or pesticide.

  • Make a unique and unexpected statement.

  • Are tailored to your desires.

  • Beautifully hide problematic surfaces.

  • Relocate when you do.

  • Last a lifetime with proper care.

  • Help foster an atmosphere of joy.

  • Will impress your friends, and even make them a little green with envy! :)

Contact me today & let's grow something beautiful together!


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